why does the unstoppable program exist?

The #unstoppable program exists to create a resilient generation of children that use Baptiste Yoga as a life skill.  

who is this training for & what will it cover?

This is a training for anyone who works with youth - school teachers, school counselors, aides, coaches, community center employees, police officers, etc. You will learn through personal experience, a set of tools to teach basic yoga poses, breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques to youth as a part of how you already work with them. The training will also give an introduction as to why and how these tools can help people who have experienced trauma. You will be given valuable tools that will teach you to care for yourself first so you can more effectively serve others.

This training will cover how yoga, meditation and self-inquiry are powerful tools for your own self-care, but also through your own personal experience, how you can share them with others.

how do i bring this program to my community?

The Unstoppable program can be offered in a number of different formats (full-day, half-day, week-long), designed specifically to meet the needs of your school district. Please contact us for more information. 

"As a veteran teacher in Philly schools and youth advocate in North Philadelphia under-served communities for over the last 15 years, this training brought a new light on how to share the practice of yoga and meditation with all children and youth. This training provided tools, guidance and support for me to better serve, understand and lead students of all backgrounds.  Furthermore, the training was created and delivered in a manner that was easy to comprehend whether or not individuals were familiar with the Baptiste Methodology. I personally enjoyed the diverse group of individuals who all came with one common intention: to better serve, guide and help youth revolutionize their lives by means of yoga, meditation, self-inquiry and mindfulness. Collaborating with folks from all various professions on creating ways to make yoga, meditation and self inquiry fun, engaging and accessible was certainly a highlight in the program."

Amy Perez | Director of Mindfulness, Mighty Writers | Philadelphia, PA