who is the unbreakable training for?

The Unbreakable Training is for anyone currently employed as medical staff, active duty military, or is a veteran.

what will you gain from attending the unbreakable program?

Join us for this revolutionary program and learn more about meditation, the physical poses, and the breath work practices of Baptiste yoga. These practices support healthful ways to cope with anxiety and stress that are a result of repeated work-related exposure to trauma. Participants will learn to use foundational tools of Baptiste Yoga to assess and adapt based on what is needed in the present moment.

  • This training will give you a basic understanding of why Baptiste Yoga works for those who have experienced trauma.

  • This training will provide basic tools for sharing meditation, poses, breathing practices and yoga nidra with veterans and first responders in a way that powerfully connects with them.

  • This training will present the key elements of Baptiste Yoga that create resilience, emotional and mental wellbeing.

serving those who serve us.

heal the warrior. 

  • The same conditioning that kept the soldier alive in combat and our society safe, now needs to be transmuted and re-integrated.

  • Hypervigilance keeps people outside of their bodies, the practices and techniques of Baptiste Yoga bring them back.  PTSD and physical traumas can and must be healed. 

  • We believe people heal in community: Military culture generates a strong sense of community. When that time comes to an end, they are left searching for a benevolent network. Baptiste Yoga provides a place to belong and for all kinds of people to heal together. 

  • Beyond concept: Baptiste Yoga is much more than philosophy, it's an art and a science. The practices and techniques of Baptiste Yoga re-program the body and the body's survival response.

be the invitation: being all-connected.   
  • The conventional trauma-informed programming that exists doesn't work. Regaining a sense of wholeness and re-establishing a sense of community works.

  • We train trainers, social workers, first responders, counselors, therapists, organization leaders, and volunteers to master an empathetic-lens. 

  • In most environments, those that have the experience of PTSD are treated as broken or dangerous. We take a firm stand against that and work to proactively create an inclusive environment for all, in the name of true service. 


recover together.  
  • Recovery work is as much for the family as it is the individual: spouses, parents, children, co-workers. 

  • Having family members enlisted for months at a time can leave people with the same trauma and loss as those serving. 

  • Military and first-responders suffer an alarmingly high rate of divorce, homelessness, substance abuse, family issues, and un/underemployment. 


not revolutionizing recovery is costing us. 
  • 1 in 5 returning veterans suffer from PTSD, and lacking treatment, the number could be as high as 1 in 3 (2008 RAND study).

  • Roughly 22 veterans are dying by suicide per day, or one every 65 minutes. 

  • Suicide is not solely the result of illness or inner conditions. The feelings of hopelessness that contribute to suicide can stem from societal conditions and attitudes. Therefore, everyone concerned with suicide prevention shares a responsibility to help change attitudes and eliminate the conditions of marginalization.

"My brothers and sisters in blue are the ones who are called serve others. Experiencing trauma comes with the job, but traditionally self care and healing does not. The Unbreakable training gave me the confidence and tools to be able to take the Baptiste yoga practice that significantly changed the course of my life and immediately share it with over 75 members of the law enforcement community."

Lynn Sooy | Police Officer | Atlantic City, New Jersey