the baptiste sanctuary.


Honoring the property and gifts we’ve been given.


Being true to ourselves, our values and others.


Creating peace in ourselves, our environment and our community.

transformation & restoration

The physical spaces where we gather and the programs we offer are platforms to serve and cause deep restoration and transformation for all.

communal environment

Commitment to empower deep community in everything created and value every person's voice with consideration of the whole. 


Our programs and practices are created for everyone, and with depth of transformative power. Our physical environment causes ease for the senses, in use, and enjoyment.

our core values.

The Baptiste Sanctuary in Ojai, California, is the home for the Baptiste Foundation and Baptiste Yoga. It’s a place where people deeply restore themselves and transform into their best self through the practices of yoga, meditation, personal development and getting in touch with nature. It happens in a supportive, empowering community that represents the best in humanity. 88 acres composed of lush green landscape, natural hot springs, and rolling hills, is the site for programs led by Baron Baptiste and Foundation facilitators to reach leaders throughout the world with the practices and techniques of Baptiste Yoga. Designed as a place for cultivating and causing restoration, transformation, and deep renewal, the Sanctuary offers nourishment on every level.


The Baptiste Sanctuary is comprised of a worldwide network of leaders, change makers, revolutionaries, and seekers, who look beyond the ordinary to explore new depths of being for humanity, forge new possibilities of self and society, and pioneer new pathways for real change. Revival is what is needed in our world. This is why the Sanctuary exists. 


Formerly Wheeler Hot Springs, The Baptiste Sanctuary is located 5.5 miles North of the Ojai Valley and is situated on the border of the Los Padres National Forest. By no mistake, Baron visited the Hot Springs with his young children almost twenty years ago and has fond memories of the area and the sense of community the hot springs sourced. With a history of deep healing and tranquility, the property’s natural beauty and history will be maintained while creating gathering spaces for deep sharing and learning, collaborating, dining, yoga, meditation, building relationship and team development. These constructed spaces will work naturally with the landscape and enhance the experience of being in nature’s sights and sounds. 

The Baptiste community and leaders are currently working together in development of additional programming for the Foundation that will be held on property. Our commitment is to steward the Baptiste Sanctuary as the home to Baptiste Yoga and adopt Baptiste Yoga as a life skill to transform all populations. 


With its rich history and forward vision, the property that is The Baptiste Sanctuary is the birthplace for vast change in the world and the origin of immense renewal and miracles. 

how this lives in the world

The Organizing Principle from the Baptiste Methodology states: Create the physical foundation of the pose and be up to something bigger than yourself. The evolution of impact is this. Stand deeply rooted, unwavering, and committed fully to what you say is so; and set your intention on what’s possible from here. This is Baptiste Yoga. 


While the Baptiste Methodology is unwavering, our commitment to be up to something bigger than ourselves is always pulling us into what’s next. The Baptiste Institute was the start. The Foundation is now its leading partner. And The Baptiste Sanctuary is our highest intent fulfilled. 


The evolution won’t stop here because there will always be work to do. The Baptiste Sanctuary is the legacy property for those doing the work of Baptiste Yoga in the world. While the Institute is for personal impact, the Foundation is for global impact. The Sanctuary is where these two worlds meet to cause leaders to cause leaders to cause leaders.