Self help. Leadership jump-start. Spiritual practice. While there’s a lot of good that comes from these buzz words, what makes Baptiste Programs distinct from every other program on the market is the embodiment of the tools and techniques delivered in a right now experience for every single participant. There is no “some day or over time.” Baptiste Programs are revolutionary and transformative because the body is the storehouse for all experiences; and we begin with the body to cause change. This is our expertise and we have three decades of transformed lives to prove its impact in the world.


A program designed to give youth, and ​those that serve them, the tools of the Baptiste Methodology as lifeskill. 


Designed to provide veterans and first responders, and the community that supports them, the Practices & Techniques of Baptiste Yoga as a way to deal with anxiety, stress that are a result of trauma. 

social impact training

Create the programming that matters most to your home community. This 20-Hour global-access, online, digital program allows to you to participate from anywhere your wifi reaches. Open to anyone and everyone looking to create a higher level of efficacy with any specialized population of people.  

mission mastermind

Since 1990, Baptiste Yoga practitioners and studio owners have been bringing service-work to their communities as an organic cornerstone of our practice. Our reach is vast and the worthwhile work is challenging. Through our Mission Mastermind affiliation program, your 501(c)3 organization receives the recognition and support needed to powerfully execute the work you’ve been up to!