stop knowing so much.

written by: Mary Lyn Jenkins, Owner of Big Fish Power Yoga

We have an addiction to knowing. And isn’t it just perfect that we’re in the middle of knowing nothing with the future, how this virus story will end, or what will happen next?

I came home from The Global Summit transformed. The days together were impactful on so many levels. We have a community made up of individuals who stand for each other. We have voices that share from the heart. We have ears with deep listening for something bigger than the superficial. And we have each other for continued sharpening and softening through the practices and techniques of Baptiste Yoga. It’s miraculous.

Even with all this, we hold steady to our addiction of needing to know.

What became present on our last day together was the fear in the midst of all the miracles. Isn’t it just like the darkness to creep its way in? Through doubt and concern, minimizing our present power together and moving our focus to what could happen next, fear finds its way in and knows how to dim our light. I became present to my fear rooted in the experience of not knowing. And the qualities that resulted were doubt, anxiousness, distraction and dis-ease.

Baron reminds us, “We aren’t humans having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” And in order for the spirit to rid itself of all the stuff that gets stuffed and suppressed down, thank God we have these transforming practices in every right now moment - asana, meditation and inquiry - connecting to our own deep listening for ourselves and each other. These practices are available all the time in every situation and they give us an access to presence, wonder, vitality, freedom and what’s now possible. A miracle unfolds through embracing these practices; and fear and our need to know must be confronted.

So what’s our practice from here? Thankfully, we don’t have to look too far. We just have to remember and return.

1) Fear and doubt or faith and patience.

You are operating from one of two systems at almost any given moment. Fear and doubt is a breeding ground for scarcity and needing to know. Abundance cannot live here. Faith and patience is a garden for wonder, creation and possibilities.

Each has qualities because they are living. The body can’t be separate from the system. Become masterful at seeing what qualities you are producing. Know these operating systems so you can lift and shift, give up instead of control and suppress.

2) Come from we are connected.

Call someone in this incredible community. Texting is for quick responses. Right now, we need meaningful conversation, and we need each others voice. Start now. We’re all right here!

3) Practice.

Asana, meditation, inquiry.

Every. single. day.

Get on your mat and get it out.

It isn’t time for self-help books, playing small, needing to know or memorizing the methodology. It’s time to see with spiritual eyes and be the space for the miraculous. Embody the work that has changed your life and live it! Above all, it’s time for faith and patience, the practice, and connection.

The world I’m committed to create through Baptiste Yoga is rooted in one of the core values of the Baptiste Foundation: An empowered future…we create a wholly new unique expression of a hope-filled future for all. In 1963, Martin Luther King wrote something that holds more true today than ever before. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that.”

We don’t need to know anything. WE have everything we need.

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