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Dedicate A Tree

In December 2017, the Baptiste Sanctuary in Ojai, CA was lost to the raging California fires. All structures, bridges and much of the vegetation were completely destroyed.

We are rebuilding the Sanctuary to create a vibrant space to support leaders in the achievement of transforming lives, in an effort to make our world a brighter, more conscious place.

By holding Baptiste Foundation programs at the Sanctuary, we are able to fulfill on our mission to bring Baptiste Yoga to populations that would not otherwise have access to it.

We are in the process of rebuilding the Baptiste Sanctuary to hold Baptiste Foundation programs later in 2019. We invite you to donate your own personal tree to honor someone in your life, this allows you to leave your legacy at the Sanctuary and support the work of the Baptiste Foundation. Your tree will stand together side by side with other trees creating a miraculous space for transformation through Baptiste Yoga.


$60 USD Donation
A Brown Turkey Fig Tree.

$125 USD Donation
A Valencia Orange Tree.

$130 USD Donation
A Key Lime Tree.

$135 USD Donation
A Meyer Lemon Tree.

$140 USD Donation
A Hass Avocado Tree.

Thank you for your generous contribution to Baptiste Yoga!