foundation fellowship.

what is the social impact training?

Leading individuals to impact social change into every population with the art and mastery, tools and techniques of Baptiste Yoga. Baptiste Yoga changes lives and ultimately changes communities of every population. We don’t need multiple programs to cause this. It works with every population and allows the work of yoga to stay true to its philosophy - unifying all populations together. The core values of the Baptiste Foundation - stewardship, honor, peace, transformation and restoration, communal environment, and simplicity - these are our compass and what we stand for within the Social Impact Training. To reach all populations with Baptiste Yoga and to equip you to do so is our promise. 

who is the social impact training for?
  • Anyone who is out to make a difference in their home community using the Baptiste Yoga Methodology.

  • Anyone who sees a need to bring Baptiste Yoga to various populations of people all over the planet.

schedule & tuition

We will meet digitally twice per month for 2.5 hours over the course of three months. Five hours will be dedicated to the offline course work which will include connection and group work between you and your fellow trainees. Calls will be recorded and posted three business days after the session is complete for review. 

January 13th 7:00pm EST
January 27th 7:00pm EST
February 10th 7:00pm EST
February 24th 7:00pm EST
March 2nd 7:00pm EST
March 16th 7:00pm EST

Tuition: $295 Donation